Data acquired by reveals that the global interest in the keyword ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ has skyrocketed by 426.31%. The spike in search interest occurred between November 8 and December 5.

Poland leads in Cyberpunk 2077 interest

Based on Google search queries, the keyword attained the peak popularity of 100 on the week ending December 5. During the week ending November 8, the keyword had a popularity score of 19. The popularity has been rising as the game nears the December 10th release date.

The data also shows countries that are leading in Cyberpunk 2077 interest during the same period. Poland tops with a peak popularity score of 100, followed by Finland at 78, while Canada is third at 76. Interest from Czechia comes fourth with a popularity score of 69. The United States is fifth with a score of 69.

New Zealand ranked sixth with a popularity score of 67, followed by Australia with 66. The same score is also replicated in Norway and the United Kingdom. The 62 points score from Hungary places the country in the tenth position. researchers explained the rise in Cyberpunk 2077 popularity. According to the research:

“Notably, the game is being developed by CD Projekt Red, the studio behind another recognized and successful game The Witcher. This aspect carries a lot of weight to Cyberpunk 2077 popularity because, based on the developer’s track record, they have done excellent games in the past.”

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