Google is testing a new feature that includes short videos from Instagram and TikTok in search results on the Google app for mobile devices.

The tech giant is expanding its test of a new ‘Short Videos’ feature on the Google app to include videos from Instagram and TikTok in the aggregated search results, TechCrunch reported.

It had launched the test for its ‘Short Videos’ feature within Google Discover section on the Google app. The feature displays a carousel of aggregated short videos within search results on the app, as reported by 9to5Google.

The short videos feature, however, is different from the Stories carousel within Discover.

“Short Videos” carousel aggregates videos from other platforms such as Google’s own short-form video platform Google Tangi, Trell and YouTube. The web stories feature includes videos from online publishers that Google has partnered with.

When a user clicks on the Instagram and TikTok videos available in the Short Videos row, they are led to the web version of these platforms and not the app even if the user has the native mobile app installed.

The short videos feature is currently available in a limited way on the Google app and on the web on mobile devices, as per the report.