Nassau County Executive Laura Curran announced today that the County has partnered with New York State and Northwell Health to open its first Covid-19 vaccination distribution center.

The point of distribution (POD) for Coronavirus vaccines is opening on Tuesday, January 5 and will be located at Nassau Community College at the CCB Building. An appointment is needed to get the vaccine, which can be made through a special Nassau County website page. Vaccines will be given free of charge.

The POD will be staffed by Nassau County Department of health staff members and a corp of trained volunteers.

“These folks have been training for this kind of mobilization for years and years.” Curran said.

Not everyone will be able to get the vaccine immediately. A list of eligible people includes high-risk hospital staff, affiliates, volunteers and contract staff, EMS workers, medical examiners and coroners, some funeral workers, healthcare workers and residents at long-term care facilities, workers administering Covid-19 vaccines, and outpatient/ambulatory front line, high risk health care providers who provide direct in-person patient care or other staff in a position where they have direct contact with patients, such as receptionists, of any age.

The POD will offer vaccines 7-days-a-week.

Curran stressed the importance of Covid-19 vaccination efforts.