For many, Valentine’s Day is a day to give and receive love from loved ones. And while it’s important to show other’s how much you admire and appreciate them, it is important to remember that you are also your own Valentine! 

Bestselling author, former immunologist, and leading mind-body wellness expert, Jaya Jaya Myra, states that finding ways to support your own mind, body and soul is the perfect Valentine treat to help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and happy. 

We spend so much time focusing on others that many people forget to take care of themselves on or around Valentine’s Day. Well, focusing on you is the most important thing you can do. One, it’ll make you more attractive in the eyes of others when you have a healthy self-respect and two, whenever you feel better, you give other people permission to feel better about themselves too. You can spread love just by being a source of it to yourself.

Tip #1: Go for the Dark Chocolate – dark chocolate is not only an aphrodisiac, it also stimulates dopamine production in the body which helps elevate mood and wellbeing naturally. Win-win!

Tip #2: Make a Gratitude Jar – Get an empty jar and a notepad. Start making small notes each time you truly feel happy or grateful for something. Write it down, then add these notes to your jar. Come the end of the year or next year on Valentine’s Day, you’ll have hundreds of messages to yourself showing you just how awesome life can be!

Tip #3: Do Something Extra Special Today! – Maybe that means get a mani/pedi, get your hair done, get a massage, or even hire a maid to come clean your house! Splurge a little to show yourself some self love. After all, you are worth it. 

Tip #4: Boost Libido Naturally (or decrease it, if you want) – Yes, there are many foods that can boost or decrease your libido naturally. If you want to get your sexy time on, you can go for some staples including celery or celery juice, ginger or ginger juice (note, those two combined are heavenly), pomegranates, saffron, apples, or fenugreek. If you want to slow it down and decrease libido, grab a salad, mint, licorice, or red meat. These can help keep you cool and out of a funk if you’re single or spending the day alone.