Ford and Google just announced a partnership in 2023 to bring Google’s AI, machine learning, and data expertise to Ford and Lincoln vehicles. 🤭 🤯

The partnership, called ‘Team Upshift,’ will bring Google Maps, Google’s voice assistant, and Playstore access to Ford and Lincoln cars via an Android operating system. 

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said this about the latest power duo: 

From the first moving assembly line to the latest driver-assist technology, Ford has set the pace of innovation for the automotive industry for nearly 120 years. We’re proud to partner to apply the best of Google’s AI, data analytics, compute and cloud platforms to help transform Ford’s business and build automotive technologies that keep people safe and connected on the road. 

Now that’s what we call a power couple. Meanwhile, Ford’s also pouring $1B into its South African Silverton manufacturing plant for its Ranger pickup. 

Ford’s already crushing it in 2021, and it’s only February.  Check out the company’s press release here