If you both choose to date virtually, whether by app or meeting up through a video platform, here are some quick and easy tips to remember.

  • Be judicious about the personal information you share with someone new. While it can be tempting to let your guard down via a FaceTime or Zoom call, you still need to be careful about what you share as you never know how that person may intend to use it.
  • Do a little research on your date. If you’ve never spoken with or have met your date before, do some online research to try to learn a little more about them. If you have any questions or concerns, try to find a way to bring them up over the course of your date.
  • If something feels off, it’s okay to politely walk away. If things don’t appear to be going well while on your date, you can politely exit the date. You don’t have to lie about your plans but can genuinely think of something that you may need to do or take care of, and after the date go and do just that. Not all virtual dates lead to warm, fuzzy feelings, and that’s okay. Use it as a learning experience and then move on.
  • If things go well, decide on plans for the next date. On the other hand, if you both enjoyed each other’s company, go ahead and decide on plans for the next date. Having a plan in place can help lessen anxiety and even heighten anticipation to see your date again virtually. If you need ideas, we have an entire list of virtual dating ideasto help make the next one special.