Live365 is making a handful of its best stations available on iHeartRadio, starting today (April 30). The agreement gives the web radio pioneer increased visibility, exposing iHeartRadio’s 144 million listeners to such eclectic fare as Aaron Axelsen’s Flood FM, Shaquille O’Neal’s ShaqFu Radio, and Jack Sonni Guitar Radio, hosted by the musician best known as “the other guitarist” in Dire Straits during the band’s “Brothers in Arms” era.

Live365 says the deal is one its first steps to expand its listening network and make it easier for audiences to discover its diverse content. Other Live365 stations available via iHeart include Smooth Jazz FloridaAmazing Hope Radio and

The online radio service returned in May 2017 with hundreds of channels of programming and an open call issued for new broadcaster sign-ups. Live365, which had been providing streaming services to thousands of small webcasters since 1999, was shuttered in January 2016 in part due to the loss of the Small Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009.