Do you enjoy any of the activities above? What about all of them at once? 😏 If so, you’ll be excited to hear the Super League Triathlon has announced its race schedule— with a US debut in Malibu!

The Super League Triathlon is a series of pro races to challenge top international athletes (20 men and 20 women) in a series of quick and exciting races. The goal? To win the esteemed “best all-around athlete” title. 🏆

Super League Triathlon CEO and Co-Founder Michael D’hulst shared his excitement for the triathlon’s Malibu debut:

We handpicked the Malibu Triathlon for this investment due to its incredible history in spring and Olympic distance racing and its incredible potential for Super League Triathlon.

Care to compete with the pros? Registration for the Malibu Tri is open now!

…Or if you’d rather enjoy watching other people work hard, you can watch the live race here on September 25 and 26. We know which option we’re choosing. 🍿 📺