Finally. Someone has solved our most pressing problem—it’s impossible to play pool on your yacht. When you try, the waves just scatter the balls everywhere. What a pain. 🙄 🛥

Luckily, Bugatti stepped in and saved the day! The company has developed a high-tech, carbon fiber billiards table with gyroscopic self-leveling technology (for an affordable $300,000). According to Bugatti’s specs, each table leg automatically re-levels itself every 5 milliseconds to compensate for wave motion. 🌊

That’s not all, though— each table also comes with carbon fiber pool cues, a score-tracking, wall-mounted cue storage rack (with a 13” touchscreen), a chalk box, a cleaning brush, a custom billiard-carrying suitcase, and a USB drive with photos/videos of the table’s production. Boujee. 

The coolest part? Each detail is handcrafted to match Bugatti’s trademark aesthetic. After all, who are you if your pool table doesn’t match your supercar?!