The concept of cryptocurrency has been around for over a decade, but the explosive growth within the past several months means many are just now getting involved.

Young professionals and students have an incredible opportunity to engage with the market and delve into these more complex topics like investing and personal finance, but may still have questions.

More so, crypto and other emerging markets provide greener investors with decentralized and democratized investing options

Here are four top tips and advice on how students can navigate the field better:

  1. Look at reputable news sources. There are lots of opposing opinions on cryptocurrency. Stick to sources you trust and distribute facts on the market.
  2. Be prepared for volatility. Cryptocurrency is not as stable. Be agile with your decisions and true to what current assets you have.
  3. Learn self-control. Although you can effortlessly buy in an instance, do your research on which coins are thriving, and hold off if necessary. 
  4. Commitment. Browse all the sites before committing to one NFT investment style. A lower price point purchase may be better than jumping in with a five-figure purchase.