Warren Buffett’s latest move? Berkshire Hathaway’s New York firm MiTek just partnered with Danny Forster & Architecture to enhance modular construction. 

Modular construction (for those of you who don’t know) is the off-site construction of buildings. Parts of buildings are assembled in ‘modules,’ and then reassembled at a building’s actual construction site. 

The partnership will serve Berkshire Hathaway’s Modular Activation Platform (MAP) as the two companies work to clear obstacles hindering widespread modular construction. Shipping costs, building leaks, and other barriers make modular construction cost-prohibitive. 

MiTek’s solution includes pre-assembled kits with shippable room parts that contractors can easily build. MiTek VP Todd Ullom said: 

Communities across the country desperately need housing, and that is a need that modular can answer… collaborating with municipal authorities and MWBE-certified contractors to get it done.

Could pre-assembled rooms be the solution to a post-COVID housing boom?? Who knows, but we have a feeling Warren Buffett’s the man for the job.