To accelerate student learning and ignite their natural curiosity, Discovery Education presents parents and guardians an array of no-cost dynamic digital resources for the summer. This selection of content, created in partnership with leading corporate and community partners, inspires families to learn together by exploring the world around them during the summer break.

Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources, engaging content, and professional learning for K-12 classrooms.

The following selection of no-cost digital resources connect families to continued learning in essential topic areas like STEM, financial literacy, health, and social-emotional learning:

STEM Activities

From traveling the world to recycling water and cans, families can dive into the wide world of STEM and sustainability with K-12 activities from the STEM Careers Coalition – the first-of-its-kind national STEM initiative powered by corporate leaders and anchored in schools by Discovery Education.

Empower middle school students with the key components of computational thinking and gain a deeper understanding of problem-solving skills with these exciting, collaborative, and challenging activities from Ignite My Future in School, an educational partnership with Tata Consultancy Services.

Financial Literacy Resources

Get the entire family involved in creating a strong financial future with resources from Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids. Designed with Jackson Charitable Foundation for family fun, these activities and engaging videos for K-6 students are informal learning opportunities that provide the tools and knowledge for kids to grow up to be money smart.

Social-Emotional Learning and Social Awareness Resources

Explore how to leverage the power of story to teach middle and high school students about perseverance, resilience, and testimony through artistic expression using activities from Teaching with Testimony and The Willesden Project created in partnership with USC Shoah Foundation.

Build body and social confidence together through resources from Amazing Me – an initiative from Dove Self-Esteem Project and Discovery Education. Amazing Me delivers the best in social-emotional learning (SEL), health, and confidence-building content for students in grades 4-5.

Health Content

Parents and guardians can help keep their kids healthy by having thoughtful, factual conversations about the dangers of vaping. For help getting started, families can turn to the no-cost Be Vape Free digital tools. Be Vape Free is a nationwide initiative from the CVS Health Foundation, CATCH Global Foundation, and Discovery Education providing standards-aligned e-cigarette prevention resources for 5-12 grade students.

While federal and state governments wrestle with how and whether to legalize cannabis use for adults, the science is clear when it comes to youth: cannabis use among kids and teens can come with lasting consequences. Conversations are the keys to prevention; discuss the effects of engaging in risky behaviors with kids and work with the whole family to open the lines of communication with resources from Ask, Listen, Learn, a program empowering students in grades 5-7 to “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking and substance use.