Despite being launched on May 21st, 2021, the Android version of Clubhouse continues to perform well* globally. Right now, it’s ranked among the top 100 overall Android apps in the United Arab EmiratesIndiaIran, and Singapore. It’s also ranked in the top 200 in EgyptAustralia, and Canada.

*Android’s Top Charts rank apps based on total downloads, download velocity, recent downloads, ratings and reviews, user retention, and other relevant metrics.

As the New York Times notes, Clubhouse is booming in authoritarian countries, since it enables users to speak freely about otherwise taboo topics. Of course, not everyone is convinced. The Anti-Defamation League, for instance, says that the app has significant problems with moderation, attracting both extremism and hate speech.

Nevertheless, Clubhouse’s novel approach to social audio has inspired a cadre of high-profile copycats, including Twitter’s Spaces, Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, and Spotify’s Greenroom. But as allegations of algorithmic censorship and biased manual review continue to plague Big Tech, the unfettered and unassociated nature of Clubhouse may help it overcome such prominent rivals.

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