The Supreme Court finally called out the NCAA for being “anti competitive…

Today, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled out the NCAA’s restrictions on paying college athletes. Now, the NCAA must allow athletes to choose colleges based on compensation and benefits— otherwise, the NCAA breaches antitrust law. 🤭

Okay, no, that doesn’t mean college athletes can sign huge contracts yet. But it does mean schools can offer scholarships for grad school, supplies, and even limited cash rewards (max $6K) to student athletes. Eventually, student athletes could earn salaries

Just because restrictions “happen to fall at the intersection of higher education, sports, and money,” doesn’t mean the NCAA is exempt from antitrust law, according to Justice Gorsuch. Justice Kavanaugh shared: 

Traditions alone cannot justify the NCAA’s decision to build a massive money-raising enterprise on the backs of student athletes who are not fairly compensated.

Looks like we have some sports fans in the judicial branch. ⚖️ 🏈 Read the court’s full decision here