OnlyFans tends to be controversial.  The content subscription service has its roots in adult entertainment/sex work, but just raised millions to become “mainstream.”

It turns out, OnlyFans will have to compete with… Twitter.

Yesterday, Twitter previewed two new, highly-anticipated features— ‘Super Follows’ and ‘Ticketed Spaces.’ Both intend to bolster the platform’s creators and influencers by monetizing followings. 

With ‘Super Follows,’ creators can sell paywalled content to users. ‘Ticketed Spaces’ will monetize Twitter Spaces, Twitter’s Clubhouse ripoff. With ‘Ticketed Spaces,’ room hosts can sell tickets for $1-$999. 🎟️  🤑

Twitter will take a 3% fee on the first $50,000 made by creators/influencers. Once users make $50,000, the platform will take 20%. Twitter primarily relies on ads, but it’s looking to expand horizons with monetization tools.