Over a month after Newegg (the tech e-commerce company) went public via reverse-merger, it’s been on a sprint — the company is now worth a cool $25B.

Newegg grew its reputation among tech nerds and PC-builders, launching an expansion of its “PC builder” tool. Nowadays, the tool’s a little more than modest. 

Newegg allows customers to customize and build PCs online. Just pay $99 for assembly, and Newegg will build/ship your custom computer. You can also opt for pre-builts assembled by the Newegg team. 🤖 🖥

What’s so special about $NEGG? Shipping doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, for starters. And Newegg’s turnaround time is way faster than competitors’. Oh, and rumor has it the company holds an exclusive stock of “rare computer components. 

$NEGG shares shot +148% today, bringing Newegg’s 5-day gains over 522%.