Disney’s latest Marvel flick Black Widow picked up over $215M in the box office this weekend. However, theatres will have to compete with a new model which will have staying power even after COVID is over. 🎥

Same-day streaming releases became a staple during the pandemic. Some streaming services, such as HBO Max, turned them into a benefit for their highest-tier subscribers. On the other hand, Disney has turned it into a cash cow.

The company started offering a $30 option to watch new films from the comfort of your home. And from the looks of it, that’s what over 2 million Disney+ subscribers did this weekend. It made Disney over $60M. 💰

When you stack that $60M against the company’s $215M worldwide box office earnings this weekend ($80M domestic and $78M international), it shows the staying power of the distrib model.

However, it looks like both options will learn to coexist. After all, the $80M made in the “real” domestic box office is the highest figure we’ve seen during the pandemic. But the question still lies: will distrib disrupt movie theatres? 💻