Disney+ has been utilizing its Premier Access feature as a way to generate revenue as well as hype for its new releases during a year where theatrical premieres were limited due to the pandemic. There’s the question of whether Disney+ will continue to stick with this hybrid model of movie releases.

Now, some Disney+ Premier Access users have reported getting surveys about their experience with the feature, according to website The Streamr.

Some of the questions include:

  • How would you rate your experience with Premier Access to Black Widow in terms of value for the money?
  • Before you decided to get Premier Access to Black Widow, did you know you would have to pay $29.99 in addition to your regular subscription cost?
  • Before you decided to get Premier Access to Black Widow, did you know that Premier Access would give you the ability to watch Black Widow as many times as you want as long as you continue to subscribe to Disney+?

Marvel’s Black Widow made more than $60 on Disney+ Premier Access, but box office numbers have led the theater industry to complained about same-day streaming releases are taking away from their revenue.

It seems like Disney+ is sending out these surveys to select users to get the audience’s perspective on the hybrid release model. It could be that it’s time for Disney+ to move on from Premier Access and leave it behind as a pandemic era approach to movie releases.