Last week, rumors that T-Mobile had been breached floated around hacker forums. The company quickly confirmed that somebody did gain access to its servers, but failed to spill the deets… until today. 😬

What started as a murmur is now a loud roar. The company confirmed the data breach, which revealed sensitive information on at least 47 million users. The leak includes social security numbers, phone numbers, full names, dates of birth, physical addresses, IMEI numbers for phones, driver license information, and more.

This is the fifth time that T-Mobile has been hacked in the last decade. Maybe it’s time to give the entire cybersecurity department a pink slip?  🤦‍♀️

T-Mobile is still collecting information on which users were affected by the hack, but the company knows its breach included both past and present users. A large number of users have been asked to “proactively change their account PIN” to avoid SIM-swapping attacks, but calling that a proactive measure is ironic considering that the hack has already happened. 

At this point, users can’t do much but wait to hear their fate. It might be a good idea to freeze your credit, though. In the meantime, we’ll be getting popcorn for the inevitable class action lawsuit!