Zoo Guardians Mobile Game is celebrating it’s first anniversary, with over 150,000 App Downloads and 1.2 million Endangered Animals Adopted! For a limited time – new downloads of the FREE app will receive a special surprise with the promo code: Birthday2021. 

Families can download the app here – from the Google Play or App Store.

  • Since launching on August 14, 2020, Zoo Guardians mobile game has brought the furry, feathered, and scaly world of zoos, animal care and conservation to over 150,000 young gamers and animal-lovers around the world!
  • Working as part of the Zoo Guardians Initiative, players defend against climate change, deforestation and habitat loss threatening animals’ survival. Players create their own custom zoo, with the goal to adopt upwards of 67 species across eight biomes and raise them to peak wellness before relocating them into the wild or to accredited animal care and conservation institutions to help repopulate and secure species’ survival.
  • To date, Zoo Guardians players have successfully relocated, adopted, and built habitats for thousands of virtual animals.