The Best in the World is back!

CM Punk, a two-time WWE champion, made his anticipated return to wrestling after seven years in retirementon Friday’s episode of TNT’s AEW Rampage.

Fans didn’t have to wait long to see Punk. The beloved wrestler kicked off the hour, making an emotional walk to the ring and greeting fans along the way. “August 20, 2021, I’m back, and I’m back for you!” he told the crowd. “I’m back because I want to work with that young talent [in AEW]. I’m back because I’ve got a couple of scores to settle.”

Punk specifically called out Darby Allin, who appeared alongside Sting in the rafters, and issued a challenge: a one-one-match at All Out set to take place Sept. 5. “I’m here to help and you’re the first on the list.” he said. “There is nothing more dangerous you can do than wrestle CM Punk, except wrestling CM Punk in Chicago.”

Punk is also set to appear on the Starz wrestling drama Heels (Sundays at 9/8c on Starz) as Rusty Rabies, a beloved local wrestler with a unique gimmick.