Back to college season is here and the need for helpful apps to make the transition easy for incoming and returning college students is at its highest!

So, here are 6 must need apps to consider: 

·         Money – Venmo is a cash app that makes it easy when it comes to splitting bills and purchases with friends – an everyday occurrence when it comes to being a college student. With Venmo, at a tap of a button students can pay back their buddies instantly.

·         Food/Beverage – Zomato is a food/beverage app that helps students find restaurants or bars in their area based on your filters set on price, rating and distance. The app also shows the popularity of the places around the user’s location. Knowing the hot spots to go to eat and drink are essential for a fun college social life.

·         Personal Safety – Sabre is a personal safety equipment provider that has created a FREE personal safety app. SABRE’s SMART Pepper Spray connects with a smartphone through a free SABRE Personal Safety App that sends help alerts of user’s location to assigned emergency contacts when the SMART Pepper Spray is deployed, or the in-app alert button is pressed.  It can also alert first responders with a subscription. 

·         Homework –

o   Cam Scanner is an app used for scanning handwritten documents. Using the phone’s camera, students can take pictures of their handwritten documents and Cam Scanner saves the document as a pdf. This is great for when students need to submit handwritten documents such as lab reports. Cam Scanner offers a three-day free trial and afterwards the service costs $59.99/year.

o   Grammarly is a free spell-checker app that goes beyond what a word document spell-checker can do. This app can actually check student papers for clarity, tone and sentence structure. A definite need for students to perfect their papers for an A grade.

·         Fitness – My Fitness Pal is a fitness app that tracks workouts, eating and sleeping habits and more. My Fitness Pal is a sure way to ward off that freshmen fifteen that happens too often to college students. With this service, there is a free version as well as premium option at $9.99/month.