The wildest year for IPOs isn’t even close to over. More than 100 companies are queued up to go public by the end of the year, according to Dan Primack of Axios.

This year, 279 companies have completed IPOs in the U.S. Last year, that figure was just 218. IPO numbers were pushed north by robust interest in growth stocks, new listings, SPACs, and speculative trades. That 279 companies doesn’t include 423 SPACs (nor a smaller number of direct listings).

Among the “notable companies” going public are Warby Parker, Allbirds, Sweetgreen, and Authentic Brands Group. We’ve covered a few of these in the Rip already, but we will be making our rounds as they bring it home.  

This lineup could be joined by Chobani and Rivian, and perhaps even Discord, Reddit, and Instacart.

Unfortunately, IPOs have fallen off from their impressive growth last year. With that said, we’ll be keeping an eye on these IPOs as we near the end of the year.