After (barely) surviving 18 months of being forced to play many different roles – parent, employee, spouse, chef, teacher, pet-trainer, housekeeper, and a reliably functioning human – Epic, has officially declared September 14 as National Parents Day Off. The new annual holiday, recognized by the National Day Calendar, will celebrate parents, acknowledge all the hard work they do year-round. While taking an entire day off is hard to fathom for most, Epic and hilarious supermom and actress, Mindy Kaling, are encouraging parents everywhere to do something – anything! – for themselves on this inaugural holiday. 

To help celebrate the parents who are still standing, Epic and Kaling are launching a #NationalParentsDayOff social media campaign to bring some levity to the daily parent-so-hard moments by rewarding overworked caregivers with surprise gifts so good it’ll make them   forget they even have kids. 

Starting today, Kaling and Epic will kick-off the Instagram campaign asking caregivers to share images and videos of the challenging, messy and funny moments that all parents can relate to by answering the prompt, “Tell us you’re a parent without telling us you’re a parent.” Participants are asked to share a photo or video with the hashtag #NationalParentsDayOff and tagging @epic4kids for a chance to win prizes that will help them gain some sanity and give them some much needed me-time. 

On September 14, Epic and Kaling will surprise a few lucky parents who post the funniest or most inventive content with the ultimate prize package that will be personalized to answer their desperate pleas based on their submission. For example, melted crayons in your dyer? Epic and Mindy are here for you with a new washer and dryer. Lacking any clothes without spit up or poop? They’ve got you covered with a shopping spree. 

In addition to the personalized prizes, Epic will also surprise some lucky winners with bespoke gift baskets curated by celebrity event producer extraordinaire Mindy Weiss valued in the thousands. Furthermore, 100 caregivers participating in the campaign will get digital gift cards to so they can, at the very least, open a bottle or two and binge some reality TV after the kids go to bed.

All prize package winners will be notified via an official comment or direct message on their #NationalParentsDayOff post from Epic and/or Kaling. 

As part of the campaign, Epic will also be giving their employees the day off to observe the new holiday and all parents of the company free dinner that night, and will encourage other companies to do the same.

For more information, please visit The Official Rules