Google is the latest giant company to join the NFT mania. Today, the tech giant teamed up with Canadian blockchain studio Dapper Labs, creator of the Flow blockchain, and NFT marketplaces like NBA Top Shot

This multi-year partnership focuses on the development of Web 3.0 products, including non-fungible tokens. With this partnership, Google Cloud will serve as a network operator and Dapper Labs will use Google’s cloud services to scale its in-house blockchain, FLOW. FLOW blockchain currently supports applications like NBA Top Shot (a marketplace where fans can buy, sell, and trade NBA moments), CryptoKitties (a blockchain game), and more. 

Dapper Labs is among the most successful companies investing in the NFT boom. Dapper generated almost $700 million in sales this year. 🤑 💸 The company reportedly plans to launch a global version of digital video highlight collectibles for La Liga — Spain’s first division soccer which includes teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. 

Recognizing the potential of NFTs, Google has entered the blockchain ecosystem. The tech giant has demonstrated interest in cryptocurrencies from time to time, but it’s somewhat late to the party. Microsoft offered its cloud infrastructure to blockchains in 2015 and Amazon launched a similar service in 2019. 

Anyway, Google’s deal tells us two things: first, that NFTs are far from dead. And second, that the battle for Web 3.0 dominance is quickly heating up