Wanna get paid in crypto?? Coinbase is making that possible. 😌

The largest U.S. crypto exchange announced today that a new feature will enable users to receive all or part of their wages in cryptocurrencies. If paid by direct deposit, you can use Coinbase to automatically purchase crypto. 

According to the blog post“You can set up direct deposit in just a few steps without leaving the Coinbase app. Find your current payroll company or employer, and we’ll automatically update your paycheck allocation. If you’d prefer to set up direct deposit manually, we’ll provide instructions on what to share with your H.R. department or employer payroll website.”

Coinbase also mentioned that it has partnered with several companies to enable staff to get paid in crypto, including M31 Capital, Nansen, and SuperRare Labs. 

The news coincides with other product developments at the company, like permitting crypto deposits to a 401K account.