Whether you’ve made the switch to working from home, you’re a student completing coursework online, or you’re binge-watching the latest feel-good series on Netflix, home internet connections have been a central part of life over the last 18 months. As the demand for high-speed internet has grown, so has the need for more reliable, and better quality connections powered by fiber. 

To get a glimpse at how the demand for fiber internet is growing across the US, the team at HighSpeedInternet.com asked 1,000 Americans, across all 50 states, about their internet connections and if they have or want to switch to fiber internet. 

Some interesting key findings include: 

  • 75% of internet users would be willing to pay more to switch to a fiber internet connection. 31% would pay up to $10 more, and 22% would pay up to $20 more to upgrade their internet connection to fiber
  • When asked the top reasons to switch to fiber, our respondents said: 1) 48% said it seems like the best kind of internet available, 2)  30% said their friends or family recommended upgrading to fiber internet
  • 66% of those not connected to fiber are concerned the cost is too high to switch to fiber 

To view the full report, please visit: https://www.highspeedinternet.com/resources/fiber-internet-survey