The Household Assistance Program will provide a direct one-time payment of $375 to up to 400,000 Nassau County homeowners and renters.

These direct payments will not only help those who continue to struggle, but also provide a meaningful boost to our local economy.

Here’s how it works: Households currently receiving Enhanced STAR, Disability & Limited Income, and/or Senior property tax exemptions will receive checks by mail automatically and do not need to file an application. All other households must file an application at NassauCountyNY.Gov/HAP in order to receive a HAP check.

Households making below $168,900 need only verify income and residency eligibility in their applications with a 2020 tax return. Households making between $168,900 and $500,000 will be required to submit an application with documentation verifying income and a negative economic impact from the pandemic, such as unemployment (e.g., receipt of unemployment benefits during 2020), food or housing insecurity (e.g., receipt of social services benefits, missed mortgage payments, utility arrears, eviction notices), unreimbursed medical bills (e.g., behavioral health costs brought on by the pandemic), increased child-care expenses, COVID 19-related death expenses or unreimbursed remote learning/work expenses including increased internet costs.

The County is fully committed to getting relief checks to eligible residents in a safe and effective manner. Those with technology issues or who need in-person support will be able to make an appointment through Nassau County’s HAP Call Center beginning Tuesday October 12th by calling 516-571-1555.