Have you watched Squid Game yet? If not, you might want to check it out because the show’s living up to the hype — an internal Netflix document said that Squid Game will generate about $900 million in “impact value” for the streaming service. 

The show is Netflix’s most-watched series ever. In its first month, a record of over 111 million viewers watched. Squid Game isn’t just good, it’s also cost-efficient: each episode only cost $2.4 million to make and the entire series cost a grand total of $21.4 million. 

In case you haven’t already jumped on the Squid Game bandwagon, the show is a dystopian survival drama produced by Korean director Hwang Dong-Hyuk. It follows 456 contestants as they play different children’s games for a chance to win a $38.5 million prize. If you lose the games, however, you face deadly penalties. 

So far, over 1.4 billion hours of Squid Game have been watched worldwide. For comparison, the average human life is only about 635,000 hours. Get that popcorn ready.