Steve Harvey – The multi-talented comedian and television host renewed his (five-year) contract with Premiere Networks, iHeartMedia’s radio-syndication arm, and will continue hosting “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” through the end of 2026. Harvey will continue to work with Premiere on a variety of projects, including the development and creation of new programming and promotions, community and charitable endeavors and events.

Harvey first premiered his radio show in September 2000 which broadcasts live from 6-10 a.m. ET Monday through Friday on over 100 stations. Always working, Harvey will return to television again in the ABC upcoming court series with a working title of “Judge Steve Harvey.” ABC has ordered 10 episodes of the one-hour “Courtroom comedy series” which will welcome real-life people hashing out their drama ranging from family disputes and sour friendships to small claims disputes. The “Kings of Comedy” funnyman will have the final decision and verdict as Steve bases his courtroom on his own life experiences and some good old common sense.

Harvey’s successful talk show “Steve on Watch” which airs on Facebook Watch, also returned to a live audience last month after COVID-19 restrictions. He recently spoke with Forbes about transitioning his talk show from a major network to the web.

“I have such a huge following on Facebook and Facebook is global, so I go from national to global show. I go from having to work 34 weeks a year to produce 185 shows to working two weeks a year and I produce 160 shows,” he explained to Forbes.

Harvey appears to have figured out a way to work smarter and not harder as he juggles his host of gigs.