SMishing is a phishing message received via a SMS text message. Just like an email phishing attempt, the scammers are targeting your sensitive information.

With the increased use of mobile devices to manage so much of our lives, it’s no surprise scammers have moved to this medium to target your sensitive information. SMishing is becoming an emerging and growing threat in the world of online security.

Similar to what you might experience in your email, these messages are using emotional triggers to entice you to interact with the links.

The themes are typically targeting your personal information such as your username & password, credit card number or national ID. 

Below are a few examples.

If you are not expecting a text message like this then delete it.  Remember, if it seems too good to be true it probably is!

We encourage you to report these messages. Below are the steps to report these to your phone provider.

How to report a SMishing txt or SMS?

When you receive a spam txt message on your phone, forward that text to the short code 7726 (which spells “SPAM”). 

You’ll then receive an automated message from your wireless carrier asking you then to enter the phone number from which the spam text was sent.

How to forward an SMS: