This year has been full of frightening weather events. From major hurricanes, bomb cyclones, blizzards and even extreme drought, the weather has been sinister throughout the past year. 

Of course, the weather sometimes loves to put on haunts of its own. Spine-chilling weather phenomena have been recorded for years, from blood-red watermelon snow to Russian zombie fires. Over the past few years, unusual and frightening photos have been taken, including satellite imagery of a powerful hurricane that looks hauntingly like a scull, skies lit up jack-o-lantern orange due to nearby wildfires and ghostlike figures dancing in the skies well-above thunderstorms.1/6

A satellite image of Hurricane Matthew in October 2018 went viral on social media after many noticed it more a striking resemblance to a skull.

However, the Halloween forecast this year is looking relatively mild, if not a bit chilly, across much of the nation as kids and families gear up for dressing up in scary costumes to going trick-or-treating, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Alex DaSilva.

Where some snow will fall on Halloween

The Halloween forecast varies widely across the United States, with Halloween snow showers in the forecast for some. The potential for a white Halloween is highest in the Rockies, where forecasters say a mix of rain and showers could make you want to add an extra layer of warmth to your costume.

A damp and cold night of trick-or-treating could also be in store for those in the northern Plains, as a stormy mix of showers and snow is in the forecast. Similarly, chilly conditions will hold to the Midwest as well, as a cold Halloween night is in store for those in Chicago and the Great Lakes region. A rainy and snowy mix could creep below the border and blanket parts of northern Minnesota.

Farther east, a brisk wind will keep conditions seasonably chilly in the Midwest and Ohio Valley, although temperatures may be near to slightly above average.

Where rain might ruin Halloween

Residents in major metro areas, including Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York City, should enjoy seasonably average conditions but there is a chance for some scattered precipitation during the day in some places. Farther inland, the chance of scattered precipitation could extend down into the Appalachians across the east.

A large portion of residents in the Northeast, including all of New England, will need to find a dry hour to go collect candy. A swath of showers will likely spread north through much of eastern Canada as well.

Where the weather will be delightful for trick-or-treating

After enduring the recent, drenching storm parade and bomb cyclone, those in the western U.S. can look forward to Halloween for some of the most ideal trick-or-treating weather conditions in the country.

A building area of high pressure will dry out California, the Great Basin right up and through the Northwest just in time for the celebrations. Temperatures in the valleys are expected to be near to above normal, with the potential for a Santa Ana wind event in Southern California, making for potentially breezy conditions through the evening.

Throughout the Desert Southwest, mild conditions and higher-than-average temperatures may make residents want to wear more breathable costumes.

With mostly clear skies, average temperatures and dry weather, those in the Southeast and across the southern Plains can also expect friendly mild conditions. After a week filled with severe weather, however, much of the weekend may be spent more on cleaning up Mother Nature’s mess than going door-to-door.