Police are ramping up patrols this weekend as we get ready to change our clocks.

They say daylight saving time usually leads to drowsy drivers and more car crashes.

AAA came out with new DMV data Friday that said, “October, November and December are more dangerous for pedestrians on Long Island than the summer months.”

Suffolk police announced Friday that it will increase traffic enforcement beginning Monday. Members of the SAFE-T team, which does drug and alcohol enforcement, will be deployed.

And a specialized team of officers will be out patrolling the Long Island Expressway, Sunrise Highway and other roadways.

Additionally, Suffolk police added that each officer in a squad car will soon have access on a laptop to accident data, where accidents happen, why they happen and exactly when.

AAA says drivers bear the brunt of responsibility for Long Island pedestrian accidents because they fail to yield the right of way to those crossing the street.