Jay Wey is a man of many talents. The 31-year-old is not only a former point guard who played professional basketball in Taiwan, but also a successful start-up founder working to build his company’s U.S. business.


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Most people, however, are likely to know him from his time spent moonlighting as a content creator on TikTok — a hobby that has built him a loyal audience of more than 1.7 million followers in just over a year.

Here’s everything Wey spent during October 2021.

  • Cryptocurrency: $5,000 worth of bitcoin and ether
  • Savings: $2,000
  • Dining out: $900
  • Car insurance: $266
  • Groceries: $250
  • Utilities: $233 for the household’s electric and internet bills
  • Phone bill: $120 for both his and his wife’s phones
  • Subscriptions: $70 for Spotify and Wey’s gym membership

Wey considers himself an entrepreneur first and foremost, but his social media success pays the bills. He has landed a number of lucrative brand partnerships that earn him and his wife Sharon, who makes cameos in his videos, around $120,000 per year.

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