He’s seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

Now director Sir Ridley Scott has confirmed that a television series based on his cult classic sci-fi film Blade Runner is in development.

Set in a dystopian Los Angeles during the 21st century, Blade Runner is based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by iconic sci-fi author Philip K Dick.

The film and novel follow a detective who hunts down androids known as Replicants, with these agents being nicknamed ‘blade runners’.

So, it seems the series is already well along in its development but it is unknown what the series will tackle.

The original Blade Runner film was released in 1982 but received later re-releases with different cuts of the film.

It starred Harrison Ford as the protagonist Rick Deckard, while Rutger Hauer starred as the replicant Roy Batty and Sean Young appeared as Deckard’s love interest, an android named Rachael.

Scott produced a much-belated sequel film entitled Blade Runner 2049 which was released in 2017 and saw Ford reprise his role as Deckard opposite the likes of Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Robin Wright, Sylvia Hoeks and Jared Leto.

The critically-acclaimed sequel was directed by Denis Villeneuve, who released his latest sci-fi epic Dune in October, with a sequel to that movie already confirmed.

Noah Hawley is the showrunner for the series, which is currently in development at cable channel FX, with it being confirmed to be set on Earth.