In 2022, you will be able to stream the Super Bowl in more places than ever.

Since the game will be broadcast by NBC, you will also be able to watch it on Peacock. In addition, you can stream the game at NBC Sports App, NFL App, Yahoo Sports! App, and on NFL and Verizon-owned properties. Prior to 2019’s game, you needed TV Everywhere credentials to stream the game from connected devices, but you haven’t since.

Unlike the 2020 Super Bowl, which was available in 4K on FOX, for the second year in a row – you won’t be able to stream the Super Bowl in 4K.

NBC Sports confirmed that they won’t be broadcasting the Super Bowl LVI from Los Angeles in 4K. This is a far cry from the 2022 Beijing Olympics, also broadcast by NBC, which has already been confirmed to have some events available in 4K.

NBC’s Mike Tirico will host the primetime Olympics, before flying from Beijing to Los Angeles to host the five-hour Super Bowl LVI Pregame Show on Sunday, Feb. 13th.