In case you haven’t played, Wordle is the popular word puzzle game where users get six attempts to guess a five-letter word.

At this stage of Wordle’s life, you’re either in one or two camps: checking the Wordle website daily for a fresh new puzzle, or using every Twitter filter imaginable to rid your life of this game and the tweets overwhelming your feed.

If you’re in the first camp, welcome.

Here are some tips for getting better at Wordle.

Start with multi-vowel words

The more unique vowels your first word has, the better. Think of words like about, or alone, as examples. Getting the vowels figured out early can help you narrow down the correct word.

Process of elimination

Wordle is a lot like Wheel of Fortune in that it’s best to start with the more common consonants first to help solve it. Try using words that have S, T, R, N, or other popular non-vowels. If you’re using a lot of different letters in your first couple of guesses, it makes solving the puzzle a little easier.

Letters can be used twice

This is a tricky one because Wordle does not clearly indicate whether a word includes a letter used multiple times. One feature you’ll notice on Wordle is it displays on the site’s virtual keyboard the leftover letters you haven’t tried yet. If you’re not coming up with a word that makes sense, consider whether one of the eligible letters is in there more than once.