Twitter may be looking at following Facebook’s lead and adding podcasts to the social network. While there is no official announcement, tech sleuth Jane Wong has published a photo of what appears to be a podcast tab for Twitter.

The tab would be in the bottom navigation bar, but how podcasts would be integrated or displayed is not clear.

The project may be a test, however, and it is possible that Twitter ultimately will not add podcasts. Yet the company has been toying with audio for months.

Twitter Spaces, the live audio feature on the social media app, added more features in January that moved it a bit closer to podcasting. Among the latest features added: For hosts with access to Twitter Spaces, the company said it will share with them how many listeners joined live, as well as how many people replayed the recording after the fact. It also said it has expanded topic tagging, meaning users will be able to get more specific with their tags. In the announcement on Twitter, the company says that means more people interested in what a Twitter Space host is talking about will join their conversation.

December marked the one-year anniversary since Twitter Spaces launched. And the company announced then that it would expand recording options.

It began giving users the option to record a Space for on-demand listening. When someone listens to a playback, they see not only a pop-up of who is speaking but a real-time transcript.

Twitter Spaces remains in an invitation-only beta testing.