If you need more time to file your tax return, you’ll have to request a tax extension through the IRS website before the tax deadline.

Individual taxpayers can use the IRS Free File tool to electronically request an automatic tax-filing extension. This is available for everyone regardless of income, however, the IRS will require you to estimate your tax liability on the form and pay any amount due to receive an extension.

Some companies that partner with the IRS Free File program, which allows you to file your federal return or extension for free, include TaxAct, TaxSlayer, FreeTaxUSA, FileYourTaxes.com, FreeTaxReturns.com INC, and Online Taxes at OLT.com.

According to the IRS, not everyone will have to file an extension request, members of the military serving abroad will receive an automatic extension without applying or filing a Form 4868.

One factor to keep in mind: the majority of taxpayers will have a deadline of April 18, but tax-filers in Maine and Massachusetts will be able to file until April 19.

The IRS has also identified several states and counties where the deadline was postponed due to natural disasters. Earlier this year, Kentucky experienced some storms and tornadoes, so the deadline was extended until May 16 in select counties. Similarly, folks that were victims of wildfires that began Dec. 30, 2021 in Colorado also have until May 16 to file their return. The same goes for residents of Decatur and Dyer counties of Tennessee.