What’s happened?

A range of companies have announced new initiatives ahead of Earth Day (22 April). Apple has released new details on the increased use of recycled content across its products, while Resideo is pushing users to understand that when they upgrade to a smart thermostat, they shouldn’t forget to recycling their old system.  

Why does it matter?

The climate crisis isn’t something that is going to go away anytime soon. 

What’s my take?

Earth Day has quickly become a thing that many companies are now getting behind as a way to show their green credentials, and it’s good to see that now many are actually starting to put their money where their mouth is after what seems like years of flag waving.

Take Resideo for example, it has announced that it will donate $1 for every like / share / RT of its Earth Day social post, or donate $100 if people post a pic of themselves with one of their smart thermostats.

Apple, going for the long-term win, has confirmed it will be using more recycled materials in its products – something that will be welcomed I’m sure.

But while companies are doing their bit, we shouldn’t forget that we need to do our bit too and make sure that when we upgrade our gadgets we ensure the old ones find a new home, be that someone else, or the recycling centre, rather than just heading to landfill.