Some authors make writing seem effortless — seamlessly weaving together a main plot, character arcs and subplots to create one cohesive narrative. For would-be writers stumped on how to bring their stories to life, prolific writer and lecturer Hank Quense offers a wealth of helpful hints and information in his cleverly constructed new book, Infographic Guide to Creating Stories. 

In it, Quense helps aspiring authors put their original stories on paper by showing them how to master the common elements of fiction writing, which include: 

– Building characters;
– Developing a plot;
– Story setting;
– Scene design;
– Storytelling;
– Writing voice;
– And more, with a final chapter detailing how to put all of these components into a coherent project plan.

Included are rarely discussed requirements such as dominant reader emotion and character biographies. Quense goes in-depth on plots and uses graphics to illustrate complex points. He also discusses subplots and how to use them and nest them within the main plot.

Whether penning a novel or a short story, both beginning fiction writers and experienced writers wanting to refresh their skills will find valuable takeaways in Quense’s Infographic Guide to Creating Stories.

To complement the book and provide ongoing resources for writers, Quense’s Writers and Authors Resource Center,, is chockfull of helpful hints and solutions to common pain points, and brings the writing process full circle with information about self-publishing and marketing.

About the Author
Hank Quense writes humorous and satiric sci-fi and fantasy stories, and has published 19 books and 50 short stories along with dozens of articles. He often lectures on fiction writing and publishing, and has a series of guides covering the basics on each subject.

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Infographic Guide to Creating Stories 
Publisher: Strange Worlds Publishing
ISBN: 979-8985309713 (print)
ISBN: 979-8985309737 (eBook)

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