New technology could make it easier for thieves to break into cars, prompting police to issue tips on how drivers can avoid becoming a victim.

Authorities say thieves have now found a way to use range extenders to break into cars that have key fobs.

“By the signal being sent from the key fob to the car, it enhances the signal. So, if your key fob is by the window in the front of the house the enhancer will send a signal and start the car. Once started, you can drive away with the car,” says Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.

Ryder says incidents have happened in other states so it’s important for people to be even more diligent about locking up their keys.

Take that key fob, put it in a bag, put in in a room that has a layer between the glass window in front of the house,.

According to Nassau police, 95% of car thefts today take place while the key fobs are in the car and the doors are left unlocked.