The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center’s Learning Together page launched in 2019 to connect the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center’s programs, curatorial expertise, and community anniversaries with K-12 educators across the country.

The page serves as an online resource that addresses anti-Asian racism and xenophobia. They offer activities and materials for people looking to learn more about these issues:

1. Addressing anti-Asian racism with children

This interview with Liz Kleinrock, an anti-bias educator and consultant based in Los Angeles, California, focuses on how addressing or ignoring anti-Asian racism in classrooms and communities can impact student learning.

2. Restorative justice as a tool for addressing anti-Asian Racism

Here learn about the mission of the Immigrant History Initiative, and how restorative dialogue can lead to authentic conversations in the community.

3. After Atlanta: Teaching about Asian American identity and history

One Learning for Justice award winner shares the conversation she started with students the day after the attacks in Atlanta and recommends resources anyone can use to teach about Asian American history and identity.

4. Standing together against hate

Here you will find Smithsonian APA’s response to the dual pandemics of 2020- COVID-19 and racism. There are links to resources about the history of anti-Asian racism in the United States, and links to resources about Asian American and Pacific Islander history and heritage.