Ben Fischer from the Sports Business Journal reports that the league is planning to move forward with plans to launch its own streamer after rumors first circulated about the possibility earlier this year.

NFL Plus will cost about $5 per month, although that could change according to Fischer’s sources, and will center around the mobile streaming rights for live games. In the past, fans would watch games on their phones and tablets for free via Yahoo Sports, the NFL app, and various cell phone carriers, but those deals have all expired allowing the league to move forward with its own streaming option.

MLB, NBA offer games through app

The move is in line with what other professional sports leagues offer fans. MLB offers MLB.TV to fans who want to watch every single game — local and national blackouts excluded. NBA offers League Pass and NBA TV.

The new NFL Plus app gets the league into the streaming arena. It also opens up future options for the NFL to build out its own internal version of the “Sunday Ticket” package.