The six areas that listeners use audio in their lives:

1. Help Me Escape — Audio provides a sanctuary from the outside world. Taking the time to program a great music mix with the local community in mind is important.

2. Lift My Mood — Audio can be a friend and keep listeners company. Personalities are key to this.

3. Amplify The Moment — Again, personalities are key to setting a tone for listening. Your playlist and content can add to the moment.

4. Provide Social Currency —Listeners want to keep up with the latest, to discover something new and exciting. Connect listeners with others. Get conversations going.

5. Broaden My Horizons — Your playlist may provide surprises listeners wouldn’t find with their curated playlist. Let them drive the content.

6. Keep Me In The Loop — Help listeners feel informed by plugging them into a bigger world. In today’s busy world, losing touch is easy. We can, in an entertaining way, allow listeners to plug into the world around them, and they can plug in while multitasking.