When it comes to New Yorkers, we’ll defend our city to the death. That’s because there’s so many amazing things in this city, that can only be found, felt, or understood by living here.

We asked our audience “What’s your favorite thing New York has that you can’t get anywhere else?” and we were met with an outpour of all the reasons to love NYC, plus a few quirks in between that come with living in NYC.

And though some answers are technically found in other cities—it’s simply not the same as NYC.

Here are just a few things that were mentioned:

1. The best bagels

2. The freedom to be your unapologetic self

3. An unbeatable rhythm / energy

4. A Pastrami sandwich

5. The ability to go through absolutely anything and everything only to come out stronger, nuttier, and more entertaining than ever


7. Everything within walking distance!

8. Water quality — responsible for our bagels, pizza, and rolls/heroes

9. Central Park

10. Great music on almost every corner

11. Chopped Cheese

12. Fabulous museums

13. Diversity. Every nation, culture, religion & color intertwines their lives together here every single day

14. The feeling of being a “New Yorker”

15. Broadway

16. Paying $3k a month for a broom closet of an apartment where the shower is in the kitchen

17. Dollar slice

18. 24-hour bodegas

19. The New York Public Library

20. A one-of-a-kind skyline

21. The ability to walk anywhere

22. Camaraderie with other New Yorkers

23. Coffee and a bagel at almost every corner

24. Sarcasm, perfected

25. Open mindedness and opportunity