Joshua Page is an electrician by trade, but his other passion is destigmatizing society’s view of occupations like his and spreading the word that college isn’t the only avenue worth pursuing.  

“So many kids don’t even know ‘trades’ exist. Their parents push them to college so much, and now we are seeing the effects of that,” Page said, pointing out that student loan debt in the U.S. is more than $1.7 trillion.

With the average ages of electricians and plumbers hovering in the 40s, Page felt compelled to do his part to inspire the next generation of tradespeople.

In his new children’s book, What Does Your Daddy Do?, Page introduces young readers to Ashton, whose fifth grade class is having career week. Ashton isn’t sure exactly what his dad does, so he goes home and asks him. Ashton then gets to learn about all the cool work his dad does as an electrician and all the interesting tools he gets to use. As career week continues, all the students get to share stories about what their parents do.

“I wrote this book to plant a seed in a younger generation’s mind about how ‘cool’ the trades are and to start the conversation young,” Page added.

About the Author

Joshua Page is a husband, father, electrician, entrepreneur and TEDx Speaker. With the release of his first book, What Does Your Daddy Do?, Page has also added “author” to his many titles.

An electrician by trade, Page is passionate about informing the younger generation of all the career options they have in addition to college. Page believes that choosing a trade and working with his hands saved his life and allowed him to have the life he loves.