Being a father can be demanding, especially when your health is already suffering. As reported in a book on fatherhood, more than 60% of men aged 15 to 44 required preconception healthcare, or healthcare during their reproductive years. Even before the birth of their child, as many as 75% of antenatal fathers are overweight, with low physical activity, high sedentariness, and extensive media usage. Many fathers face potential health hazards that could disrupt their livelihoods and their family’s happiness.

Given these alarming statistics, paying heed to your well-being is important. While sticking with healthy habits isn’t easy, making an effort can go a long way to caring for and enjoying life with your family. If you’re looking for ways to stay healthier even as a busy father, listed below are some things you should consider:

Manage stress levels

Although stress is part of daily life, you may be at higher risk for fatal and nonfatal heart attacks and other cardiovascular events without proper stress management. Studies on stress and heart health had found that people experiencing high levels of psychological stress are twice more likely to suffer a heart attack, even when traditional risk factors were taken into account. Chronic stress can be considered as damaging as other cardiovascular hazards like obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. To protect your health, you can choose to practice yoga with light breathing exercises to release tension or spend quality time with your loved ones to change the pace for yourself.

Find supportive health buddies

Staying healthy takes a lot of effort and commitment, which can be tough to handle on your own. When developing fitness and nutrition plans for men, it helps to incorporate a social factor into it. Maintaining a healthier weight can be more sustainable in a tight-knit community. Case in point, WeightWatchers’ #WWBros allows you to share updates with thousands of fellow members who are also trying to get their fitness up, serving as an inspiration to make healthier choices. Having a health buddy is the best way to ensure you’re right on track. You can create accountability by checking in on each other’s lifestyles and exercising together, helping you sustain healthy habits in the long run.

Get enough sleep

Much like managing stress, getting enough sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Many adults neglect rest, leading to many health problems, including poor mental health and decreased immune function. To give yourself a chance of getting the best possible health outcomes, it’s essential to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each day in sync with your internal body clock. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, experts suggest establishing a routine and sticking to it. You can start by choosing your waking time and working backwards to establish your bedtime. In addition, you can also try sleep meditation to promote relaxation before bed.

Engage in outdoor activities with your family

As a father, you must improve your health and your family’s. Our post on spending time with kids reports research that found 12% of children raised in a nuclear family were considered in poor health. To combat the adverse effects of physical inactivity, outdoor activities can be an effective way to engage your family. This can help your family work towards better health outcomes through exercise while creating unforgettable experiences and bonds simultaneously. Some things you can do together include cycling, swimming, or even walking outside, to name a few. These activities don’t have to be complicated — staying consistent and connected with your family is the most critical part.