Uber Eats customers in Toronto will be able to order cannabis starting Monday, thanks to a new partnership with Leafly.

It’s the first time that marijuana delivery will be available through a major third party delivery platform, such as Uber, according to Leafly.

Those in Toronto aged 19 years old and over will be able to order in the app as they would from a restaurant, although when searching for cannabis users will be warned they must be of legal age.

  • However, deliveries will be made by the cannabis retailer’s staff rather than an independent driver.
  • Those delivering the order will also verify a customer’s age and sobriety, in order to conform to Canadian law.
  • The program will begin with three retailers: Hidden Leaf Cannabis, Minerva Cannabis and Shivaa’s Rose.

Uber had previously partnered with a retailer in Ontario, Canada to allow customers to order cannabis, but under that deal they had to pick up their order themselves.