Scammers are often people who have insight into people’s psychology and are social engineers who will try to find ways to bring out information by being contextually relevant. The younger generation is more at risk owing to the limitless information that people put online.

These allow the scammers to send messages and target their calls with relevant information to ensure that the communications keep their victims hooked. Reports also suggest that the first call or text rarely results in financial fraud; it is after the first communication that scammers start to create a relationship of trust to further gain access to sensitive information.

Scammers are building more and more details about the persona and when they gather enough information, then yes, they’re going to try to access their crypto wallet.”

People who do not understand cryptocurrency are another group that is vulnerable to such attacks.

It is unlikely that people who understand the technology and are crypto-savvy will become victims of Robocallers and other fraudulent practices.